Business model

Biotech and biopharma end-users prefers sterile single-use bioreactors fully equipped with single-use sensors as a closed ready-to- use system. To meet the end-user requirements, FRS-Systems pursues a business model of developing OEM single-use sensors that fit into this value-chain. Our customers are therefore typical manufacturers of single-use bioreactors or pH/DO meters looking for reliable sensors to integrate into their systems.

A collaboration could take the form of:

  • FRS- Systems develops custom version of our current optical pH/DO sensors for an OEM customer and acts as advisor in the construction of the optimal read-out hardware
  • FRS- Systems develops new optical sensors for a new analyte for OEM customers
  • FRS- Systems manufacturers USP class VI sensor spots for OEM customers with full documentation and full traceability
  • FRS- Systems integrates sensor spots into devices or bioreactors on behalf of OEM customers

FRS-Systems operates according to ISO 13485 and will typical receive milestone payments for sensor spot development, consultancy fee for advising on hardware configuration, as well as fixed transfer fee when manufacturing and integrating sensors. Note that all development will be documented according to specifications required by regulators. We do also support end-users in need of robust single-use sensor systems for a specific application, where we may provide or develop sensor solutions particularly to suit your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request concerning your customized solutions.