The biotech and pharmaceutical industry has an urgent need for fast and reliable sensors for use in single-use bioreactor
systems. To meet this need is our company’s focus, and serves as the inspiration for our company name: FRS-Systems or fast
reliable sensor systems. From day one, the sensor specifications outlined by the regulated industry have been the target
of our product development. FRS-Systems was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and
the company now combines an exceptionally strong knowledge base in dye chemistry and material science with a detailed knowledge
of the biopharmaceutical industry and single-use bioreactors. This unique combination is what makes us stand out.

Robust sensors made according to ISO 13485 in Denmark

FRS-Systems has expertise in the development of non-invasive optical sensors for various analytes, where we produce our own
dyes and polymers from basic components in controlled processes. Our current development tracks are within optical pH and
DO sensors. As we control the development of the dye chemistry and polymer composition, we can develop complex products such
as a combined optical pH/DO sensor as well as a full-range optical pH sensor.

As our focus is to make optical sensors for use in regulated bioprocessing we provide:

  • Development and manufacturing according to ISO 13485 medical device standard.
  • USP class VI certification of optical sensors.
  • Full documentation and traceability on LOTs.